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All audio sermons, lessons and teaching materials are completely free (Matt 10v.8). Enjoy. Choose any Christian audio lessons below, to view the complete course lists in each series. Simply download the lessons to your computer, or stream them to listen straight away!

Life in the Sprit  (UCB Europe Feature)

This course explores Scriptural teaching as the basis for explaining the wonderful experience of new life in the spirit.

Spritual Gifts

Manifesting your genuine spiritual ministry. An area where we need strong biblical clarity and assurance to best honour and serve the Lord.


Christian Marriage is the cornerstone for happiness in God's family. This course explores the Bible and what the Lord has to say on the subject.

Divine Healing  (UCB Europe Feature)

The Lord wishes to heal. This course gives a valuable insight into divine healing. This is an important teaching series, and is well worth taking to heart.


With so much confusion and mystery surrounding the Book of Revelations, it is important that we understand the Lord's directions and take seriously His warnings.

Leaders Lessons

Centred on the Epistles of Timothy and Titus. The issues raised here deal with such things as early church definitions of elders, deacons, bishops, women's roles, standing against false teaching etc.

Faith  (UCB Europe Feature)

This series covers the purpose and power of faith. It examines the underlying principles of this life and the conditions of continuous contact with God.

A New Day

This audio accompanies the free book entitled "A New Day". It explores the character and purpose of God, revealing your true potential in Christ and giving an example of vibrant church life and witness.

Gifts of the Spirit

Clear biblical guidance and teaching regarding the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts and manifestations. Continuing the work that Jesus did, and calls us to do!

Hebrews Study 2013

Keith Gerner's new audio study series on the book of Hebrews.

Miscellaneous Audio

These are various one-off talks and lectures recorded at various venues and events. This section is often updated, and includes some streaming video for your edification and enjoyment!

Foundation Courses

Vital scriptural truths, starting with what Salvation is and what it isn't, Baptism, correct practice and power, the Kingdoms of God and Satan, spiritual warfare and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Warfare

Discernment, the armour of God, Satan's wiles, prevailing through Christ. Series contains interviews with Doreen Irvine, once Queen of the Black witches, and author of 'From Witchcraft to Christ'.

Obey the Vision

Narrated by Keith Gerner, this outlines his incredible walk with God through Ireland's 'troubles', and how God poured His Spirit to change the spiritual landscape during dark times.

Ephesians Studies

This is a collection of excellent studies on the book of Ephesians taught by Keith Gerner. The audio series is accompanied by study materials which you can download and extract to your computer.

Armour of God

A new series on Spiritual Warfare and the Armour of God.

Just for You

This is a collection of studies from the book of Jude taught by Keith Gerner. The topics explored here are for today, and just for you!

Prayer  (UCB Europe Feature)

In-depth studies on prayer. Achieving a fruitful relationship with Jesus through prayer, and seeing the miraculous in your life.


In this series Keith Gerner teaches on bringing Revival to the nation.

Prophecy 2009  (Video)

Prophecy given to Keith and Elsie Gerner in June 2009.

Spiritual Gifts part 1  (Video)

Spiritual Gifts Teaching Video by Keith Gerner - August 2009.

Spiritual Gifts part 2  (Video)

Second part of the Spiritual Gifts Teaching Video by Keith Gerner - August 2009.

Advanced Supernatural School 2012

This Audio Christian teaching series on the Advanced Supernatural (by David & Greta Peters) was given at Elim Carryduff, 8-10th June 2012.

News: Boyne Valley Conference 2015 audio uploaded. Also, next year's conference is available for booking. Download the form to apply:

Castlewellan Conference 2005  "I believe God"

Ken McGreavy, 34 years in ministry over 30 nations. Director of Pastoral Care for British Youth for Christ, and an Ichthus Christian Fellowship Leader, alongside Roger Forster.

Castlewellan Conference 2007

The comments on this Conference have placed it as one of the best we have had in the last 25 years of Castle teaching meetings between prophetic people from different churches in Ireland.

Castlewellan Conference 2008

With Gregg Daley speaking at our AVM Castlewellan Conference 2008 on CASTING DOWN STRONGHOLDS.

Castlewellan Conference 2009

With Graham Jones speaking at the AVM Castlewellan Conference 2009.

Castlewellan Conference 2010

Graham Jones, Keith Gerner and Dan Lee speaking this year at Ireland's Castlewellan Conference 2010.

Castlewellan Conference 2011

Graham Jones, Keith Gerner et al speaking at Ireland's Castlewellan Conference 2011.

Castlewellan Conference 2012

Graham Jones, Neill Reid, Keith Gerner at Castlewellan Conference 2012.

Boyne Valley Conference 2013

Graham Jones, Keith Gerner, Pastor Clive et al speaking at Ireland's Boyne Valley Conference 2013.

Boyne Valley Conference 2014

Keith Gerner, Pastor Clive Wilson et al speaking at Ireland's Boyne Valley Conference 2014.

Boyne Valley Conference 2015

Steve Critchlow, Keith & Michael Gerner, Pastor Clive et al speaking at Ireland's Boyne Valley Conference 2015.

USA 2009

Audio series from the Audio Visual Ministries annual 2009 visit to the USA.

USA 2010

Audio series from the latest Audio Visual Ministries annual 2010 visit to the USA.